“Not Even My Own Brother”: Logan Paul Drops Mayweather Truth Bomb on Jake

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YouTuber turned boxer Logan Paul has always expressed his admiration for his former opponent and boxing legend, Floyd Mayweather Jr. And, there is no denying that the former five-division world champion deserves the respect for his iconic performances. In fact, Paul once stated that his brother, Jake Paul would not be able to beat Mayweather.

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Paul was a guest at the ‘True Geordie podcast‘ hosted by Brian ‘Geordie’ Davis. In conversation, Paul asked Geordie if any internet boxer would have survived against Mayweather in the ring. Geordie, in turn, responds by answering in the negative.

Meanwhile, Paul adds to it by saying, “Absolutely, f*cking not. Not even my own brother.”

Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather
Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather

However, Geordie mentions that ‘The Problem Child’ has a devastating punch that could knock the lights out of his opponents. But Paul was quick to clarify by saying, “Yeah, if you hit him. You’re not gonna hit him.”

Paul also mentioned that he himself had a hard time landing punches on Mayweather, despite being a fast boxer. Additionally, Geordie also revealed that Jake Paul, being an aggressive fighter, would not fare well against Mayweather, unlike the older Paul who is a counterpuncher.

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When Logan Paul was abandoned by Dwayne Johnson

Logan Paul shared a good rapport with Hollywood superstar, Dwayne Johnson. In fact, Johnson even featured in a few of Paul’s videos. However, Paul’s infamous Aokigahara incident, saw Johnson distancing himself from him.

Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather
MIAMI, FL – JUNE 6: Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul take to the ring for 8 rounds of the Mayweather vs Paul

Paul faced immense backlash after the video of his video at the Aokigahara in Japan went viral. Meanwhile, Johnson’s manager also asked him to remove any video featuring Johnson.

Talking about the incident, he said, “I got a call from my publicist, who also, repped Dwayne The Rock Johnson. And she’s like, hey, Dwayne has asked that you remove every picture and video that you’ve done with him. And maybe in the future, you know, the relationship can be reconciled, but for now, he basically wants nothing to do with you.”

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Moreover, he also added that he wished that Johnson would have personally spoken to him. And, that he felt abandoned by Johnson.

Do you think the younger Paul would fare well against Mayweather? Please do share your thoughts on the possible outcome.

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