Who Is Floyd Mayweather’s New Girlfriend, Lisa Hernandez? See Photos

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Boxing Legend Floyd Mayweather has had many girlfriends over the years and has not been shy to admit it. He is an advocate of polygamy and believes a man should be allowed to have multiple relationships. Many view this as the reason his ex-fiance, Shatel Jackson, left him.

Floyd Mayweather's Girlfriend
Floyd Mayweather’s Girlfriend

However, it looks like ‘The Money’ has quickly moved on and now has a new girlfriend, Lisa Hernandez.

Hernandez was known to be one of former Lakers owner Jerry Buss’  many girlfriends. She also has a long list of celebrities and athletes with whom she has been linked. This list included many players on the Lakers squad. However, she is now with the richest boxer in the world.

Floyd Mayweather's Girlfriend

The pair have been dating for at least a month as Mayweather recently even tagged Hernandez in an Instagram post. The video suggested that he bought a Bugatti for three women: Hernandez, Mediana, and Melissia.

Moreover, she was even photographed having dinner with Mayweather’s daughter and was in a picture with ‘The Money Team’ in York. She was spotted with Mayweather during the press conference for his upcoming exhibition bout against Mikuru Asakura in Japan this month. The two seem very happy with each other for the time being.

The most beloved girlfriend of Floyd Mayweather

mayweather new girlfriend Lisa Hernandez

Mayweather might have an undefeated record in the ring. However, it doesn’t seem that he has found this kind of success in dating. He has had many girlfriends throughout the years although he is yet to marry anyone. His most beloved girlfriend was Shantel Jackson. The pair started dating in 2006 and even got engaged in 2010.

However, the pair split in 2014 with things turning very ugly between the two. Jackson even went on to sue Mayweather with the boxer counter suing her as well.

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