When Phil Mickelson Was Extremely Disappointed With Tom Brady: ‘Really Crushes My Heart’

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Phil Mickelson has a lot of nicknames. Some call him Mickelson while others call him Lefty. However, the seven-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady reportedly called the golfer “Babe” during The Match. Lefty was quite happy about the adorable nickname until last year when he happen to realize that he wasn’t the only person Brady used “Babe” for.

Being at the epitome of their respective sports, both Brady and Mickelson have a great friendship. Moreover, both athletes were teamed up during the second edition of “The Match” against Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning. Though they lost the charity match, the chemistry between the two ignited a great friendship.

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With such close ties in recent years, Phil may have been given the impression that the relationship meant more to Brady than it actually does. The six-time major champion found that out the hard way last year after watching an episode of “Manningcast”.

Phil Mickelson With Tom Brady
Phil Mickelson With Tom Brady

Phil Mickelson upset with Tom Brady

Manningcast, an ESPN broadcast that is officially named Monday Night Football with Peyton Manning and Eli Manning, broadcasts the MNF NFL games along with live reactions and commentary of the quarterback brothers. During the New York Giants – Tampa Bay Buccaneers game last season, one of the guests on the show was Julian Edelman.

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The former NFL receiver shared several funny insights about Brady during the telecast. One of the many tidbits included that Brady calls many of his teammates “babe”. Following the episode, Brady’s golf buddy wasn’t very happy.

Phil Mickelson
Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson tweeted, “Found out on the Manningcast that TB’s a “babe” guy. The reason this is so disappointing is he called me babe when we were partners in The Match and I thought I was the only one. Now to find out he calls everyone babe really crushes my heart”.

Phil jokingly made this tweet and created a laugh riot on Twitter, as most of the fans loved the tweet. However, Tom Brady didn’t respond to the golfer. But the friendship is truly admirable between the athletes.

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Over the years, Mickelson has reached out to the quarterback through several occurrences on Twitter. Whether it’s the calves joke or being upset over “babe”, the banter on Twitter between both legends is always undeniable. We only hope to see more of this as Lefty is finally active again on Twitter.

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