Phil Mickelson Richer by $200M From His LIV Contract, Phil Mickelson Continues To Face Major Setback With Billion-Dollar Company

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It’s been months since the commencement of LIV Golf and many golfers have suffered yet enjoyed it from its inception. Phil Mickelson who had always been vocal about his support for the Tour, lost many of his endorsement deals. Despite playing at the lucrative series for months now, the backlash on the golfer hasn’t yet mellowed down. Lefty’s former sponsor company has made a statement on the current status of the contract with the golfer.

Earlier this year, Callaway Golf, a golf equipment company and also the sponsor of Phil since 2004, decided to pause their contract with the 52-year-old. This came after Mickelson’s comments about the Saudi government and the PGA Tour when the breakaway Tour was still under development.
Along with Callaway golf, KPMG, and Amstel Light also decided to part ways with Phil Mickelson. Nonetheless, months later, the golf equipment company shared the current status of the paused contract with the Hall of Famer.

The Billion dollar company is currently undergoing several changes to take the company to the next level. Callaway CEO, Chip Brewer, recently spoke about the recent happenings around the company and the sport of golf with Yahoo.

When asked about the impact of the newly founded Tour on the sport, Brewer said it’s a little early to make a judgment. However, the CEO then shared the status of their paused contract with Mickelson

Chip Brewer said “still on pause with Phil Mickelson from a sponsorship perspective”, while speaking about the biggest golf name endorsed by the company. He further added, “We will continue to evaluate that going forward”.

Back in 2017, Mickelson signed a lifetime endorsement deal with Callaway sports. However, following his comments on Saudi Arabia, the deal was paused. Nonetheless, the 52-year-old released a statement to acknowledge his mistake and apologize for his comments.

Despite losing most of his sponsorship deals, Mickelson remained positive and joined hands with LIV Golf. Lefty signed a contract worth $200 million with the lucrative Tour and climbed up the ranks to be the highest-paid golfer of 2022. Imagine the amount Phil would have earned if he didn’t lose the endorsement deals and yet played for LIV Golf. Now that’s some absurd money!

Who according to you is right? Phil Mickelson or Callaway Golf? Let us know in the comments section below.