“He Was Not Fighting at All… He Doesn’t Even Workout” – Joe Rogan on Mike Tyson & the Boxing Legend’s ‘Two Sides’

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Many people in the combat sports business look up to legendary boxer, Mike Tyson. While he doesn’t box anymore, people still use his career as an example and upcoming athletes aim for the same dominance. However, UFC commentator Joe Rogan recently discussed his other, rare side.

Joe Rogan and Mike Tyson

In ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’, the podcaster along with guest Jon Peters discussed the retired boxer’s personality. They had some good things to say about Tyson.

Rogan said, “He’s a thoughtful person. And he knows a lot about history.”

Peters was of the opinion that Tyson was developing his emotional intelligence. The podcaster agreed with him.

“You know, I got to see two sides of Tyson because I got to see Mike when he was not fighting at all. And he was just running that weed company. And he came in, we had the greatest time. We just got high as f**k and laughed and joked around…,” Rogan added.

Rogan further revealed Tyson wouldn’t even work out at that time. He said, “He said he doesn’t even work out. I said, ‘how come?’ He said, ‘I don’t want to reignite my ego?’”

Mike Tyson not working out might have sounded bizarre. After all, he has been an elite boxer and training become a routine for such athletes. However, Tyson had his own reasons.

Joe Rogan and Mike Tyson


Joe Rogan and Mike Tyson on the JRE

Joe Rogan has high regard for Mike Tyson. Thus, it wasn’t surprising to see the boxer on ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ several times. In episodes, #1227, #1532, and #1805, viewers saw both personalities have a variety of discussions about several topics.

The podcast gave his fans the opportunity to understand the boxer better. However, Mike Tyson himself runs a podcast called ‘Hotboxin With Mike Tyson’ where he can be seen having conversations with several athletes and eminent personalities.

What do you think about Tyson’s podcast? What are your thoughts on Rogan’s comments about the boxer? Let us know in the comments below.

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