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Brad Faxon has been speaking about Tiger’s son ahead of the PNC Championship.

Charlie Woods

When you’re the son of Tiger Woods there is undoubtedly going to be a high level of interest in you. 

Whether that’s fair is up to you to draw your own conclusions. But Woods, 45, is playing alongside his son again this weekend at the PNC Championship.

Charlie Woods , 13, certainly doesn’t struggle when it comes to getting help for his game. He’s worked with Mike Thomas, the father to PGA Tour star Justin Thomas, and obviously his father will help him out.

But renowned putting coach and eight-time winner on the PGA Tour has been helping him out with the flat stick. Faxon, 60, recently joined the SiriusXM PGA Tour radio show to talk about the work he has been doing

Faxon owns a little workshop in his garage and shared a story about how he recorded his putting stroke and asked little Tiger what he thought. “He doesn’t really know much about me, but he knows I’m a good putter,” Faxon said.

Tiger Woods and Charlie Woods

After rolling a few putts, Faxon asked Charlie what he thought of his putting stroke and if he had ever seen himself putting. When he was shown the video, Charlie said: “It looks like I move forward. My chest kind of guides through the ball.”

“I didn’t have to say a word” Brad Faxon tells Michael Breed a cool story about when he worked with Charlie Woods on his putting stroke.

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