‘Get More Done’: Reported to Be Charlie Woods’ Coach, Justin Thomas’ Dad Echoes the Importance of Practicing Without Fans

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Former world no.1 and PGA Tour member, Justin Thomas is one of our finest golfers. Tiger Woods’ father played a vital role in making him a legend. The same way Justin’s father is guiding his son. He was seen sharing pearls of wisdom with Charlie for a while now.


It is said that behind every great winner, there is always a driving force, that help one in becoming a champion. For Justin Thomas, that driving force is his father and coach, Mike Thomas.

Pearls of wisdom for Justin Thomas

During the President cup round between Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas, there weren’t many fans available on the golf course as the audience, owing to the hot weather that day. Mike Thomas took this opportunity to teach his son Justin a lesson. He shared his experience and guided him to play right in silence. According to him, playing without fans around teaches you a lot.

Justin and Spieth were on the 11th hole. They both hit thrice off the tee. Playing with a friend while simultaneously focusing on winning an international team event might be weird. But according to Mike, concentrating on the game with no fans is easier. He said, “They’re always going to have a game just to keep their interest. Get more done without the fans”

Charlie Woods

He also said that with no fans around, you don’t have to turn down autographs. You can simply focus on your shots. It is a nice feeling.

Inheritance of skills

Mike Thomas is the finest golfers of his time. Now he coaches his son Justin Thomas. From 1990, Mike was the head professional at the Harmony Landing Country Club. Therefore, Justin grew up surrounded by sports. His grandfather, Paul Thomas, was a fantastic athlete. His golfing career saw many heights. He finished 15th in the 1962 U.S. Open.

Hence, it can be said that Justin has inherited his skills from his father, Mike, who inherited them from his father, Paul. The talent and abilities run in the blood of Thomas.

Mike is a great coach, and he coaches Tiger Woods’ son, Charlie Woods. He says that he is small but hits very differently from his size. Charlie’s shots impressed Mike.

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