Former WWE Champion Reveals That He Was Approached to Have a Fight Against Legendary Mike Tyson at MSG

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Former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley has made a sensational revelation. He said that he was approached by a bare-knuckle boxing promotion for a possible fight against the Legendary Mike Tyson.

As per Fightful Select, the Almighty said it was a “feeling-out process.”

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The official with whom Bobby had a conversation revealed that the probable venue for the tussle would be Madison Square Garden in the City of New York.

Even though nothing is imminent, considering it an honour, Lashley said that he would love to fight Tyson. Apart from wrestling, the two-time WWE champion owns immense experience in legitimate combat sports as well.

Mike Tyson!

Having tried his hand in martial arts before, it has to be noted that Bobby was also a top-flight amateur wrestler back during his high school and college. Following the conclusion of his first WWE tenure, the 46-year young superstar marked his attendance in MMA by debuting in the year 2008.

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Prior to signing with Bellator in the year 2014, Bobby fought in various promotions. The superstar has not competed in any MMA fights since the year 2016. But, the fact cannot be sidelined that with six knockouts and six submissions Lashley owns a sparkling record of 15-2.

Former WWE Champion  approached to have a fight against Mike Tyson!

On the other hand, Mike is one of the most famous personalities in the world of sports. The former heavyweight boxing champion until the year 1990, won his first 37 pro fights. In the year 1990, the boxer lost to Buster Douglas. With 44 wines to his name, Mike announced his retirement with a career record of 50-6.

It has to be noted that Mike has not participated in any of the professional championships since the year 2005. But, in the year 2020, the legend competed against fellow boxing sensation Roy Jones Jr.

Mike Tyson

The fight was arranged as a part of an exhibition match.

Mike’s appearances in WWE came in the year 1998. The event where the entire world witnessed Mike in the company led by Vince McMahon was during the event of WrestleMania 14. Owing to this fact, the legend has been a part of the list of WWE Hall of Famers. Considering the skills of Mike Tyson and the experience of Bobby Lashley in MMA it would be interesting to see how the match between these two sporting icons turns out to be!



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