“My Year Off Is Killing Her”: Simone Biles’ Mother Grew Restless as She Took Her First Ever Extended Break From Gymnastics in 2017

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Simone Biles’ journey as a gymnast started when she was only six. With hours of practice and years of dedication, the young girl’s rise to the game was gradual. Having won 25 World Championship titles, she is undeniably the GOAT of gymnastics. Being the only gymnast to win four gold medals in a single game, there’s a reason why she is hailed in such high regard.

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But her journey to success was never easy. Gymnastics is a demanding sport; it does not just demand physical perfection but also mental alertness. The pressure to perform well or win medals can sometimes be too much for the athletes. Thus, when things were getting a little difficult for the young star, she decided to take a break. But was her mother happy?

Simone Biles

Simone Biles’ mother has a special message

Nellie has seen her grandkid transform from an amateur gymnast into the gymnastic GOAT. Being with her through all the difficult phases, she knew her daughter’s heart lies at the vault.

The arduous practice sessions hardly gave Simone time to rest and have fun. Thus, after Rio, when she decided to take some time off, her mother was not happy. She tried her best to persuade her daughter to hit the mat soon. Calling herself “depressed,” Momma Biles reminds her daughter that she is missing the “gymnastic meets.”

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Taking to Twitter, the Olympic gold medalist shared the screenshot of her mother’s text. Sharing the screenshot in her official Twitter profile, Simone wrote, “my year off is killing her.”

In the fun exchange, Simone seems amused with her mother’s way of pursuing her. Fearing to be scolded later, she ends her post with a “sorry.” 

Simone Biles

After concluding her historic 2016 Rio Olympics, Simone decided to take a long break. Expressing her physical state,  at the press meet, she was heard saying, “I think my body needs a rest.” The countless hour-long practice sessions took a toll on her body. As she honestly confessed, “It’s breaking down on me for a little bit.”

Thus, she wanted to give herself a much-needed break. A very unlikely step for an athlete, the confident Biles decided to devote some time to herself, even if that meant taking some years off her professional days. Announcing her decision, she said, “I won’t be competing for at least a year and a half.” All she wanted to was “embrace the moment.”

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