Hurkacz the last to beat Roger Federer: “I hope you’ll forgive me”

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On 7 July 2021 Hubert Hurkacz on the Center Court of Wimbledon trims a very clear 6-3 6-3 6-0 to

Roger Federer. Fresh from the win against Lorenzo Sonego in the round of 16. No one would have ever imagined that that would be the last singles of the Swiss phenomenon, no one could have ever imagined that there would be another time on the lawns of the Championship

Roger Federer

The twenty-time Grand Slam champion will say goodbye to tennis played with a double in the Laver Cup, presumably with Nadal, only to leave space in the ‘Team Europe’ for Matteo Berrettini this weekend.

Federer: the last career defeat against Hurkacz

It wasn’t easy for Federer, who told how his last set on the lawns was basically a nightmare, but not for the Pole either.

Roger Federer

That in the course of an interview he tried to tell the other side of the coin with a certain shyness. Hurkacz explained during the interview: “Being the last one to beat Federer is a fault that I hope you will forgive me.

Seriously, playing against him at Wimbledon, with the stands of the Center Court filled, was incredible. I still get chills, however I hope that in my career I will not be remembered just for this.” It is also funny to think that Federer had never suffered a ‘bagel’ in his incredible history at the Championships: “In the end, the score does not count, I remember the second set as very tense.

Roger Federer

Then the third ended like this. Obviously we all know that Federer will be remembered for his exploits, not because he took 6-0 from me.” The Pole told with shyness and kindness, who explained what Federer represented.

Roger Federer

  1. He explained: “Becoming like him is everyone’s dream. But there will be no other Roger Federers. He was my idol when I started as a child, but imitating him is impossible.”

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