‘I Get Into My Little World’: Tiger Woods, Who Suffered Sleepless Nights After Breaking Up With Lindsey Vonn, Once Revealed How Personal Issues Never Affected His Golf Game

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Tiger Woods has been an example for the younger generation. But what’s more impressive is the range of personality traits that people acquire from the golfer. One of the biggest qualities of Tiger that has earned him a legendary stature in the world of sports is his elite mentality. Throwback to 2015, when Woods was going through some rough days in his life, but that didn’t affect his game on the course.

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Back in 2015, the 46-year-old was competing at the Players Championship. Though many fans were excited to watch the golfer play at the TPC Sawgrass, it was a week filled with personal challenges for Tiger Woods. The week marked the 9th death anniversary of his father, Earl Woods.

To worsen the situation, Woods had just broken up with his three-year-long girlfriend, Lindsey Vonn. With so much going on in his life, the 15-time Major winner made sure that it didn’t affect his golf game.


Tiger Woods’ golf game remains unfazed

The Hall of Fame golfer was very close to his father. After the practice round ahead of the tournament, Woods shared the restless nights he spent sleepless, remembering his late father

“It is tough, there’s no doubt, said Woods.I’m not going to lie about that. It is tough. And on top of that, this time of year is really, really hard on me”. He further disclosed how he hasn’t slept in three days while reminiscing his father’s passing and then a few days later publicly announcing his breakup with the Olympic gold medalist, Lindsey Vonn.

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However, this wasn’t the first time Tiger Woods faced adversity in his life. The golfer made sure that his life off the course didn’t affect his game on the course. He further shared how he encountered such obstacles in his life mentally while competing in the tournaments.


Tiger said, “Once you’re inside the ropes, it’s time to tee it up and time to play. You go out there, and for me I focus, I get into my little world, my little zone and do the best I possibly can for that — well, it used to be four hours; now it’s five-hour rounds — a five-hour time period, grind it out and win golf tournaments. Because at the end, to me, that’s what I want to do that particular week, is win a tournament”.

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Understandably, Woods’ elite mentality has helped him in his 82 professional wins. Despite going through several challenges in his life, Tiger Woods went on to win the 2019 Masters to end the 11-year Major drought. His contribution, both in the sport as well as outside, has also been unmatched. Though his skills have been a key element in his success, so has Tiger’s fortitude in the face of adversity.

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