Boxing fans turn on “clown” Tyson Fury as Anthony Joshua decision backfires

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Boxing fans have hit out at “clown” Tyson Fury after he decided to cancel his fight with Anthony Joshua – after his rival missed the self-imposed contract deadline.

Fury initially offered long-term rival Joshua the chance to finally settle their differences in a WBC heavyweight title clash as a lifeline for ‘AJ‘ after he lost to Oleksandr Usyk for a second time last month. The challenger quickly accepted the offer which saw Fury’s team draw up a contract and send it to Joshua with a 10-day deadline attached on social media by the ‘Gypsy King’.

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Monday’s deadline expired without Joshua having signed the deal, despite both fighter’s teams suggesting that good progress was being made on a deal being completed in due course. Fury confirmed the news during a video on Instagram, in which he said: “Well guys, it’s official. D-Day has come and gone, it’s gone past 5’o’clock Monday and no contract has been signed.

Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua

It’s officially over for Joshua, he’s now out in the cold with the wolf pack. Forget about it. Idiot, coward, s***house, bodybuilder. Always knew you didn’t have the minerals to fight the Gyspy King. Regardless of what you say now, I don’t really care. Good luck with your career and your life, end of.”
However fans have now turned on the WBC champion with one writing: “ Tyson Fury has turned into one of the biggest clowns in boxing.” Another agreed: “Tyson Fury is just wasting everyone’s time. DAZN and BT were meant to be meeting today to discuss the fight and then Fury says he’s pulling out same day at 5 pm. Pathetic.”
One fan also added: “Hope everyone takes at least five minutes on their lunch break to think about just how much of a coward Tyson Fury is.” However some fans laid blame at the door of Joshua, with one writing: “If AJ really wanted to call Fury’s bluff why didn’t he sign the contract he’s had for 10 days?” Another fan offer another theory: “If both fighters were happy and lawyers and promoters were happy then why the delay to sign? Either AJ has again backed out or it’s a publicity stunt. I don’t think it’s a stunt though.”

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A final fan issued his support for Fury: “He cant wait forever, Joshua wants to get back to the top but stalled on signing. Fury has it all to lose whereas Joshua has nothing to lose. I’m disappointed but I personally blame AJ. Team Fury.” Fury’s promoter Frank Warren revealed that talks were ongoing but the ‘Gypsy King’ has become ‘frustrated’ with the delay.

It now appears that Fury will instead Manuel Charr who has revealed he has already signed an agreement to take on the champion or alternative options Joe Joyce and Daniel Dubois if the fight collapses. The ‘Gypsy King’ confirmed his change of opponent on social media by hailing Charr as he looks set to step in on December 3 at the Principlaity Stadium in Cardiff.

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