Despite Insane $1 Billion Difference, Floyd Mayweather Is Blacklisted by Ferrari & Bugatti Duo, Whereas Conor McGregor Can Be Seen Around in the Supercars

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The undefeated champion of boxing, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is undoubtedly one of the richest athletes to grace the sporting world. Not just that, the champ’s charisma has made him one of the biggest brand names in sports. Mayweather’s insane net worth has also paved the way for his jaw-dropping posse of supercars and mean machines. However, all this did not prevent him from being blacklisted by two major automobile manufacturers.

At USD 1.2 billion, Mayweather boasts of a net worth  that is as Gargantuan as his iconic status. And there is no denying that he has a special love for four-wheeled behemoths. His car collection includes multiple high-value automobiles, including at least five Bugattis.

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This suave connoisseur of luxury also owns a Gulfstream G650 jet which came with a hefty price tag of around USD 60 million.

But all was not well in this high-speed paradise. It was reported that Mayweather is not allowed to show off his Bugattis. And that the company had blacklisted him. Bugatti decided to do so after Mayweather sold one of the cars for a much higher price than he bought it for.

Floyd MayweatherMayweather, on the other hand, one-upped the company and started supporting their competitor, Lamborghini.

Bugatti was not the only company that blacklisted Floyd Mayweather

It is worth mentioning that Bugatti was not the only automobile giant that blacklisted the boxing legend. It was mentioned that he was also blacklisted by Ferrari.

Ferrari regularly vets potential customers for their public image and their affiliation to the brand. They even check if the customers are able to keep the car maintained and running well. One of the most important clauses of owning a Ferrari is the ownership rule. It states that the owner has to retain the car for at least over a year before selling it.

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Mayweather, however, is notorious for selling his cars, barely months after buying them. And this led to a major clash between him and the brand.

UFC’s very own superstar Conor McGregor has been lucky in that aspect. Despite having a net worth that is USD 1 billion lesser than Mayweather, he is regularly seen flaunting his supercars, including his Ferrari.

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