“No One Comes Even Close”: Sports World Reacts to Simone Biles vs 2020 Olympic Gold Medalist Gymnast Comparison

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Simone Biles is just 25 years old, but despite her young age, the feats that she has achieved are inspiring. Having won 25 World Championship medals and seven medals, Simone is undeniably the GOAT of the sport. She started her journey as a gymnast when she was six. Since then, there’s been no looking back.

Making the heads turn, Simone Biles, in her debut Olympics, swiped the floor by winning gold. A recipient of the ‘Presidential Medal of Freedom,’ Biles is always the people’s favorite at the vault. However, recently when the question “who is your favorite gymnast ever?” was asked, the fans were left divided.

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Simone Biles fans give their verdict

Sharing a clip of the gymnast Simone Biles and Rebeca Andrade from Rio 2016, a Twitter user asked the fans to name their favorite gymnast

Fans reacted quickly to the post, while one user re-tweeted the shared post and said there was no substantial point in comparing the two gymnasts. The user pointed out that it is useless to compare CoP. Sharing the post, the user wrote, “we all know no one comes even close to Biles, lmao.”\

Simone Biles

While many users were quick to proclaim Simone as their favorite, many were left confused. Unable to choose one, they went to list all their favorite gymnast. One user wrote, “I have plenty; mine are 1. Simone Biles, 2. Aliya Mustafina, 3. Alexander raisman, 4. Gabby Douglas….”

Tough many sided with Simone; some listed Rebecca as their favorite.

There’s no doubt that both gymnasts have achieved excellence and enjoy a massive fan following. Having overcome multiple hurdles, the two went on to achieve feats that are rarely achieved.

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Having dominated the Olympics since she debuted, Biles has always remained a favorite of the jury and the audience. However, her withdrawal from the 2021 Tokyo Olympics disappointed many of her fans. The crucial question remains with the upcoming Paris Olympics: Will Simone participate?

Simone Biles

Is Simone ready for Paris?

The reactions were mixed as Simone announced that she would be stepping back from the final event in Tokyo because of her deteriorating mental health. While many supported the gymnast whole-heatedly, many remained skeptical ever since she had not participated in any professional gymnastic events recently.

Now, with the Paris Olympics approaching, fans remain hopeful to see their favorite gymnast perform some amazing tricks! While Simone is yet to confirm whether or not she will be performing. However, she informed, “I think, right now, I still have to heal mentally and physically, so I will be in Paris. I just don’t know at what role, if that is an athlete or an audience member, so we’ll just have to see,”