Alcaraz picked UP Rafael Nadal’s jumping ritual, fans react

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Fans have spotted that Carlos Alcaraz’s jumping ritual during the coin toss before the match against David Goffin in Astana looked very similar to Rafael Nadal’s ritual from his early days. “I (was) just watching the match.

Alcaraz doing Nadal’s jumping stuff lol,” a fan tweeted alongside a short video of the moment.

Another fan, however, disagreed.

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“Nadal never jumped that way though. At least not at the toss. Nadal does that in the tunnel before they come on court. He famously banged his head at Wimbledon before going on court with Muller,” said the fan.

“Really? Why then do I think that I saw that from Rafa like 1000 times… I don’t feel like looking on YouTube right now, if someone feels like it, just do it!” Another Twitter user chipped in with a photo showing Nadal jumping during a coin toss.

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“I don’t know about lately but Rafa used to jump like that in his early days for sure,” the user pointed out.

Rafael Nadal


Another fan reacted: “Sigh.

He just reminds me of everything about Nadal. The on-court behavior, the fawning from (the) entire tennis community…”

Alcaraz lost against Goffin in Astana

Doing the jumping ritual didn’t bring luck to Carlos this time.

Goffin beat Alcaraz in straight sets. “He has a lot of experience as well. He played better than me, really, really aggressive,” Alcaraz said, per the ATP website. “I couldn’t handle that pressure that he was pushing on me and of course it’s something that I have to learn and take lessons from this match.”

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