Roger Federer is 2nd highest-scoring Laver Cup player

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According to the recently released All-Time Points Leaderboard of the Laver Cup, Roger Federer is the second highest-scoring player in the competition. The first one is Jack Sock and the third one is Alexander Zverev. Rafael Nadal is only in the 6th spot.

“The Laver Cup overall points leaderboard across five editions,” Laver Cup captioned the ranking.

Roger Federer will attend next year’s Laver Cup

Roger Federer ended his career at the 2022 Laver Cup after 25 years on the Tour.

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Federer decided to conclude his magnificent tennis voyage after dealing with a knee injury for three seasons. “I do not plan to take over the Team Europe captaincy. Probably one day, but not for now. I’m looking forward to being in Vancouver next year.

I’m sure it will be fantastic,” Roger Federer said. Roger Federer wants to thank all of his devoted supporters for their tremendous support during his long career and during his retirement from the 2022 Laver Cup in a lengthy interview for the ATP website..

Roger Federer

Roger said: “This is definitely the right time to thank everyone who has supported me throughout my career. My fans have aged with me. Without the support of the people, I would never have felt all these emotions. I will miss interacting so much.

with the fans and all.” The Swiss Maestro then added: “I have always loved traveling the world and playing tennis, in fact in my letter I wrote that it is not goodbye. For me it was important to emphasize that I will not move away from tennis.

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People will have the opportunity to see me around again, albeit in a different guise. In the early summer, I realized that a return to the tour would be impossible. Laver Cup will return in 2023 in Vancouver. “We’re delighted to bring the Laver Cup in 2023 to Vancouver, a beautiful city which is renowned for hosting major sporting events.

It will also be our first time coming to the West,” Laver Cup CEO Steve Zacks said. “And then in 2024 we look forward to staging the event in Berlin, one of the coolest cities in Europe.”

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