“My Bodyguards”: Simone Biles Parties With Her Two Tall Best Friends Amidst Wedding Planning

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The greatest gymnast of all time, Simone Biles, is one of the most active athletes on social media. She never misses updating her fans with the latest updates of her life. Moreover, on social media, Simone has been crowned as the greatest friend of all time by her friends. Indeed, Simone loves to be with her friends and family. They are the best part of her life.

Simone’s profile is flooded with photos from her vacation, with friends and family, and sports events. This is where Simone’s life revolves around. Her happy place. However, recently Simone posted a snap on her Snapchat account with her forever best buddies.

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Biles with her best friends or bodyguards?

The 4’8″ legendary gymnast looks adorably small beside her tall friends. Simone is a very friendly girl, and she loves all her friends. She frequently posts pictures with them and never forgets to show her love. In November last year, Biles posted a delightful picture of her with two boys and an adorable dog. However, she kind of re-created that picture in a video this time on her Snapchat.

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No, they aren’t actually bodyguards. However, they could be used as one by the extremely loved Simone. Simone captioned the Snapchat story, “my bodyguards. jkkkk my franddssss”.

Simone Biles

She captioned their one-year-old Instagram picture pretty similar, where she captioned the picture, “just me and my bodyguards out for a stroll just kidding they’re actually my bestfriends but they could be bodyguards hahahahH”. Simone Biles featured the story and picture with her two best friends, Kevin Waterman and Ira Brandon III. Moreover, Kevin was the one who credited Simone with the title of the greatest friend of all time.

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Simone Biles’s posts, stories, and even tweets are equally entertaining and lovely. Indeed, she is growing great in every department she touches. Firstly, she became one of the greatest gymnasts. Following up, she became a great friend. After that, when she got engaged, the couple, Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens, are called one of the best couple in town.

The pictures she uploads with Owens get tremendous love from their fans. Recently, Biles has been posting her pictures supporting Owens and his NFL team. However, as the time is getting near for their wedding, the couple and their loyal fans are getting excited about the ceremony.

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