‘I Can No Longer Do That Anymore’: Tiger Woods Once Revealed How His Intense Practice Routine Has ‘Changed’ Over the Years

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Tiger Woods is a golf legend and one of the finest golfers. However, he did not become the best overnight; his rigorous workout routine, intense practice sessions, and dedication have made him the GOAT of golf. Since he turned pro in 1996, we have seen him raising the bar, and dedicate his time to keeping himself fit, because a healthy body leads to a healthy mind.

Since he is 46-years-old now, Woods thinks differently about his fitness routine now. Three months ago, in a YouTube video from the Golf Digest channel, he poured his heart out and revealed his true feelings about his form and fitness routine after years of playing the sport. The former no.1 explained his approach to the game and talked about his training and how it has changed. Let’s find out what he thinks about it.

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Is Tiger Woods not fit enough to play now?

The video from June 2022, titled ‘My Game: Tiger Woods’, has revealed many things about Woods. In the video, the major championship winner spoke about how his life has changed in the last few years and how his children are an essential part of his life.

Tiger Woods

Talking about his intense practice routines, he said that things have changed, and he cannot work on the same training as he used to before. Most of his time revolves around his kids, and all the work he could do was only when his kids were at school. He said, “I can no longer do that anymore, so I have to pick my parts.”

When the children of the former no.1 are at school, he goes for his lifting exercises, followed by a golf practice session. Later, he picks up his kids from school and fulfills the responsibility of being a good father. Most of the time of his life now revolves around his kids doing dad stuff or playing soccer.

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What fitness routine did the legend follow before starting a family?

Before becoming a father, he was only a golfer following a vigorous fitness routine. The legend would get up at 6 in the morning and practice his swings for two hours straight. His former trainer, Hank Haney, witnessed Woods playing nine holes, having lunch, and then playing nine holes again.

This would continue till 6 pm, followed by another workout session before dinner. To further ramp up things, Woods would go for a run in the morning sometimes.

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