WASH THE DIDEO Anthony Joshua has a heavyweight ‘hitlist’ as Brit uses binman to explain fight plans

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Anthony Joshua has stated he has a list of heavyweight boxers he would like to tussle with in the boxing ring.

Anthony Joshua has claimed he has a ‘hitlist’ with potential future opponents as explores his options for a future fight. After two crushing losses to Oleksandr Usyk, AJ has opted to take a rest and recharge his batteries after talks for a blockbuster December title clash with Tyson Fury broke down.

During a chat with iFL TV, the former heavyweight champion outlined his fight plans. “When I’m ready to ride again I’ll ride out proper, we’ll ride until the wheels fall off. I’ve got myself a timeframe, a duration, I got a hitlist and we’ll rock and roll,” he said. “Everyone’s an option, even that bin man over there’s an option!”

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In the interview Joshua also explained why he is not Tyson Fury’s opponent at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on December 3. “Deadlines weren’t met. Simplistic forms, deadlines weren’t met,” he added. “Fury wanted to fight on a certain date and when you’re dealing with a situation that’s so big, it’s not a simple fight, it’s a big fight.

“I could go into further detail, but basically, it probably did need a little bit more time. The deadline he set for someone of my capacity wasn’t fit for the date he had in mind and it didn’t work out.” On multiple occasions Fury hopped onto social media and demanded AJ sign the dotted line by certain dates, otherwise the fight would be off the table.

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“I got a good team around me who will try and make it work. The lawyers are going back and forth so if he says one thing on social media, that doesn’t deter lawyers from doing their job,” Jshua continued. “I just wait until I get a phone call to say it’s dead in the water but until I hear it from my representatives I don’t really listen to social media stuff.” The likes of a rematch with Dillian Whyte and a fight with Deontay Wilder have been brought up, but currently no negotiations for those bouts have taken place.

Promoter Eddie Hearn also explained why Joshua vs Fury did not go ahead after the promoter was heckled by a boxing fan. Speaking at a live Q&A, Hearn responded: “I knew we were going to get blamed, but basically what happened is Anthony Joshua lost to Oleksandr Usyk, we all saw that mentally that was a tough defeat for him.

“Tyson Fury does what Tyson Fury does, stuck the bait out there for AJ, called him out and AJ told me ‘I want the fight’. Should he have accepted the fight? Maybe not at that moment. But ultimately he is the boss, and he wanted to fight Tyson Fury.



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