Tyson Fury lives in a madhouse with six kids and a dog

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Tyson Fury lives in a “mad house.”

The 34-year-old boxing champion has daughters Venezuela, 13, Valencia Amber, four, and Athena, 15 months, and sons Prince John James, nine, Prince Tyson Fury II, four, and Prince Adonis Amaziah, three, with ‘Loose Women’ star Paris Fury, 32, and admitted that their brood makes for a “crazy” domestic set-up where there is never a quiet moment.

He said: “I’ve got six kids and a Rottweiler. My house is like a crazy house, it’s a madhouse, there’s never a moment’s peace. When I’m away I miss it and when I’m there I need to get out the door.”

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Meanwhile, the two-time world heavyweight champion is gearing up to defend his title in an upcoming match against Derek Chisora on December 3 and explained that even though he is “always confident”, all he can do is remain dedicated to his sport and leave the rest to fate.

Tyson Fury

Speaking on ‘The Jonathan Ross Show’, he added: “Always confident. I train really hard and I sacrifice and dedicate. Whatever will happen in the ring on the night will happen. All I can do is eat, train, sleep, repeat. The rest is in God’s hands!”

Tyson was joined on the upcoming edition of the ITV chat show by legendary actor Sylvester Stallone – who is known for his role as boxer Rocky Balboa in the ‘Rocky’ franchise – and added when it was suggested to him that he would “definitely” like to go into acting at some point.

Sylvester said: “I think he’d be fantastic, he’s a natural force of nature and he has charisma so why wouldn’t we want him? As long as he’s on the other side beating up the other guys. ”

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Tyson replied: “100 per cent in the future, it’s something I’d love to explore. Who better to help me than the man himself Mr. Rocky Balboa? The guy I grew up watching on TV. A great opportunity and a great offer and something I’d love to have a go at later when I finish with the boxing career.”

‘The Jonathan Ross Show’ airs on Saturday (12.11.22) at 10pm on ITV and ITV Hub.

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