Boxing: “The Only Tyson I know Is Tyson Fury And Mike Tyson,” Farouk Abubakar Hits At Opponent

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With hours left before the prestigious CornerWise Fight Championship (CWFC) Tyson Jamiru has been hit with a right jab off the right after his challenger Farouk Abubakar disregarded his name with famous world boxing champions, the Gypsy King, Tyson Fury and Mike Tyson reports.

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“The only Tyson I know is Tyson Fury and Mike Tyson, so who are you? Who is Tyson Jamiru?” Farouk told Sports247.

Tyson Fury and Mike Tyson

“You can’t threaten me with your name because I know those who bear the name and it’s not you,” he added.

Both fighters will clash on Sunday, 13th November from 2pm and Farouk believes it will draw reactions from the Gypsy King.

“I will disgrace you (tomorrow) and Tyson Fury will have to send a message to Nigeria for you to change your name” Farouk said.

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