Charlie Woods Hit A Major Career Milestone While Playing With His Dad

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Charlie Woods is certainly following in his dad’s footsteps. The world first met golf legend Tiger Woods when he appeared on “The Mike Douglas Show” back in 1978, per Golf.com. At age 2, Tiger was already a golf prodigy and hit the balls on the driving range with the same power as an adult.

Of course, we know that Tiger went on to have a historic career in golf and also build a family. Tiger and ex-wife Elin Nordegren welcomed their daughter, Sam, in 2007 and son, Charlie, in 2009, per People. It’s no surprise that Tiger’s children were interested in sports, but it was Charlie who would go on to pick up the golf clubs. When Charlie was 4, Tiger told SB Nation that his son “just emulates what [he does]” when he went out to practice his swings.

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And it looks like Charlie has been practicing hard since then because he achieved an impressive feat in the golfing world while playing with his dad.

Charlie Woods

Charlie Woods Shot His First Eagle With Tiger By His Side

At 13 years old, Charlie Woods began competing in world golf competitions alongside his father. Charlie’s first world tournament was the annual father-so Tournament in 2022 at the request of Charlie himself, per Golf.com. Not only was he the youngest golfer there, but Charlie outperformed the rest of the competition at one particular hole.

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After teeing off, Charlie hit the ball more than 177 yards away, and it landed just 4 feet away from the hole. The young golfer flawlessly sank the third and final shot, making it his first-ever eagle. “Your first eagle!” Tiger gushed as he hugged his son. According to the competition, Charlie was the only competitor to earn an eagle on that course.

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