UFC Legend, Who Has a Striking Similarity With Tiger Woods, Once Got His Dream Fulfilled by the Golf Icon

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Tiger Woods has many friends across the world of sports. However, the golfer doesn’t have many friends from the world of combat sports publicly. Nonetheless, during Woods’ Masters’ victory in 2019, former UFC fighter Tito Ortiz revealed a close link between them, that goes back to Tiger’s first Major victory in 1997.

During the 2019 Masters, Woods surprised the world by winning the Green Jacket. It was his first Major victory in 11 years. However, a month after his win in Augusta National, a video surfaced where the golfer was seen signing the 2019 Masters badges for Tito Ortiz.

Ortiz was attending the Tiger Jam Charity, where he had the opportunity to meet the 15-time Major winner. TMZ then questioned the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion for asking for an autograph from Woods.

Tiger Woods

Why did Ortiz get a Tiger Woods autograph?

When asked about the autograph from the golf legend, Ortiz revealed how much Tiger means to him. Moreover, he also revealed their close link that goes back to the 1997 Masters. During the same year, the UFC 13 was also held at the home of Masters, Augusta, where Ortiz faced Guy Mezger.

So, if people want to know, I started my amateur career in Augusta, UFC 13”, said the 47-year-old. Ortiz then mentioned how after a few months, another icon was born in Augusta. He said, “ When Tiger won the Masters [in 1997] … I was at the Masters when Tiger won it just a couple months ago”.

Though Ortiz lost the fight at UFC 13, he cherishes the better moments from that year. After more than two decades, the former UFC fighter finally had the opportunity to meet the golf legend. He made sure to get his 2019 Masters badges signed as Ortiz later confirmed by saying, “Tiger actually signed them for me”.

Both stars were still young during the year 1997. However, when they met after two decades, Tiger Woods now had 82 professional wins to his name, which also includes his 15 Major titles. Tito Ortiz also had his name embedded in the world of combat sports greats, as he won the UFC Light Heavyweight Title in 2000.

Tiger Woods

Moreover, as both legends head to the final phase in their professional career, they have earned induction into the Hall of Fame of their respective sports. It is iconic for Ortiz to witness Woods’ maiden Major victory closely, and also the last one in 2019.

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