“He creates an elegant image that seems to float on the coat” – Leading sports photographer picks three captures of Roger Federer that left a lasting impression

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Roger Federer’s retirement from competitive tennis wasn’t just a loss for his ardent fans all around the world. It also created a void for sports photographers who have always been enthusiastic about capturing the Swiss maestro in his element on the court.

One such photographer, Clive Brunskill, who works for Getty Images, has been associated with Federer since his junior days. In a recent interview with tennis365.net, Brunskill revealed his three favorite captures of the 20-time Grand Slam champion. He also mentioned the most appealing aspects of the tennis legend for photographers:

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“His grace and style, he creates an elegant image that seems to float on the coat. His backhand follow-through is something that many photographers, not just me, find to be of great beauty.”

Roger Federer

The photographer listed his three picks, first being a natural rim light capture of the former World No. 1 taken at the 2017 Indian Wells Masters. His next choice was Federer’s trophy kissing shot from 2009 Wimbledon. His third favorite was a picture from an indoor photoshoot during the 2015 Indian Wells Masters, which Roger Federer signed after his final career match at the 2022 Laver Cup.1st: “Taken in Indian Wells, California, it captures Roger’s grace and elegance and everything he does.”

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2nd photo: “Taken at Wimbledon, this is no ordinary trophy shot. I love how the light hits Roger kissing the trophy so well that the audience is obsessed with him. One of my favorite trophy shots of any other player I’ve taken.”3rd: “After the Laver Cup, the last game in London, he signed this photo with ‘What a Time It’s Been, Thanks!!!’ This is a special keepsake that will hang on the wall of my house forever.”