Jim Courier weighs in on Novak Djokovic’s tennis future

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Jim Courier thinks Novak Djokovic still looks exceptional in every aspect as he suggests the 21-time Grand Slam champion might pull off a Tom Brady. Brady, 45, is still playing at a high level as no player has more Super Bowls in NFL history than Brady, who has seven.

Brady was 43 when he captured his seventh Super Bowl during the 2020 season. Djokovic, who turned 35 in May, is still a very dominant force in the game and his health and physical shape are still exceptional. “So it looks like he has all of his options again and his 35-year-old body is not the average 35-year-old body and I could easily see him playing for Tom Brady like years.

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I’m really excited about him and as fans is that he’s started to hit that kick serve again which had disappeared after the elbow surgery. So that’s another part of his arsenal that he can bring in and get people off the ad court where he’d been largely just hitting more body serve and slice serves to seemingly protect his elbows,” Courier said on Tennis Channel, as quoted on Sportskeeda.

Novak Djokovic

Courier thinks Djokovic might pull off a Brady

In September, Djokovic hinted his plan is to play for at least a few more years. “I don’t feel yet so old, to be honest, for my tennis career to finish. I still feel my body is serving me, is listening to me well.

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That’s the key I think when you get to 35-plus,” Djokovic said. Meanwhile, Djokovic is currently at the ATP Finals, where he is aiming to win his sixth title at the prestigious season-ending tournament. In the semifinal, Djokovic plays against American tennis star Taylor Fritz. Djokovic has won four titles this year as he is determined to win the ATP Finals and cap off his year on a high note.

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