PGA Tour player on the comical situation with Tiger Woods: “His face was..”

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Camilo Villegas is one of many who had anecdotes with Tiger Woods. In an interview with the Subpar podcast, Villegas recalled a situation. The situation happened in 2008. Villegas had a problem finding a flight that would help him go to Australia (for the event).

However, he received an offer to get a seat on Woods’ private jet..Tiger Woods decided that he and Villegas should celebrate Villegas’ victory, and offered him red wine. However, at one point Villegas spilled wine all over the plane and tried to clean it up, but to no avail because a big mess had already arisen.

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Villegas offered Woods the option of having someone else clean up and for him to send him the bill. However, perhaps unexpectedly, Villegas received a bill in his locker, which amounted to $25,000. Villegas didn’t know if it was actually a joke, or if Woods was serious.

Tiger Woods

However, he paid the money. But after that, he decided to make a joke.

Camillo Villegas: “I don’t know how in the world I came up with this”

“I don’t know how in the world I came up with this, but I look at Tiger and I said, ‘Hey, T, I got that invoice in the locker and I’m having some problems.’ He goes, ‘What do you mean?’”- he said, as quoted by brobible.com “I said, ‘Yeah man, I couldn’t transfer the funds.

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I finally picked up the phone and called this lady at your bank, and I said, ‘Listen, I need to transfer $25,000 to this bank account.’ And the lady goes, ‘Sorry, Camilo, that bank account is full. You can’t fit a penny in there.’ And I just see Tiger’s face.

Honestly, to this day I don’t know if he thought it was funny…that was the last time I was on that plane”. An interesting and comical situation.

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