‘She Had To Push Herself to Her Physical Limits’- Andre Agassi’s Wife Steffi Graf Reveals How Their Daughter Jaz Elle Is Taking After Her Mother

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Shortly after moving away from the tennis court, the former German player, Steffi Graf, tied the knot with the 8 Grand Slam champion, Andre Agassi. Since then, the tennis couple has supported and respected each other throughout their romantic relationship. The popular tennis stars also share two children, they have named their son, Jaden Gil. Additionally, Graf and Agassi have a daughter named, Jaz Elle.

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Both parents have been quite supportive of their children’s professional endeavors. Graf talked about her daughter, Elle, who has recently entered the fashion industry. Additionally, the former German tennis player stated that her daughter needs to push herself to achieve her professional endeavors.

Steffi Graf talked about her daughter, Jaz Elle

The 22 Grand Slam champion was featured in an interview where she talked about her children. Graf’s son, Jaden Gil, is a popular baseball player in America. Additionally, the German tennis legend’s daughter, Jaz Elle, has entered the fashion industry as a model. Elle has already stunned the audience with her gorgeous model photoshoots.

Graf has no doubts that her daughter has the necessary discipline for the fashion industry. The former tennis player further revealed that Elle has previously showcased her iron discipline during her hip-hop dance period. Graf went on to say, “She had to push herself to her physical limits. Right after school we always went to the dance studio until late in the evening, that was hard.”

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Even, Graf’s husband, Andre Agassi, has been very supportive of his daughter. The former American tennis player revealed that his daughter is “just like her mum”, Graf. The tennis couple added that their daughter is brave and talented. Graf and Agassi further revealed their daughter’s latent talent for cooking and baking. Agassi went on to say that his children and wife are the most important thing to him.



Graf and Agassi talked about their family

Meanwhile, during the interview with ‘Gala’, the tennis stars talked about their family time and how they enjoy it being together with their children. Graf and Agassi revealed that all the family members trust and talk to each other. They also stated that there are hardly any major arguments among them.

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Graf went on to say that Agassi’s parents and siblings are also located near them. The German tennis legend also revealed that they celebrated their twentieth wedding anniversary with the family members. She further stated that they also celebrate other such occasions in the family in a small circle. Throughout their two decades of marriage, Graf and Agassi have always supported and respected each other.

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