John Fury makes Mike Tyson threat during furious row with Jake Paul

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Former boxer Fury got into an heated altercation with Paul at his son Tommy’s fight earlier this month, and dragged Tyson into the feud in an outlandish outburst

John Fury told Jake Paul that he could “fight Mike Tyson to the death” while he went after the YouTube star in Dubai earlier this month.

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The former boxer was at the Coca-Cola Arena to corner his son Tommy in his exhibition bout with Rolly Lambert on November 13, with Paul sitting at ringside on the commentary desk. The YouTuber-turned-boxer was relentless with his insults towards his rival during the bout, enraging he and his family after the fact.

Tyson Fury and Mike Tyson

And both Tommy and his dad John ended up attempting to leave the ring and go after Paul, with the elder declaring that he now wants to get in the ring with the YouTuber. It has long been established that his son has a feud with the American, but John is known to get involved at times when it’s not necessary in his son’s affairs.

“You in here with me, now,” Fury raged at Paul in footage captured by the YouTuber for a video on his channel. “You, now! I want to fight you! I’m the king of the bare knuckle men, I can fight Mike Tyson to the death.” Paul clapped back by branding the Fury dad, who at this point had taken his shirt off, as “embarrassing”, and a “fat, sad old man”.

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Tommy then got in on the action, calling Paul out to enter the ring, before obliging when he was invited by his rival to step out to ringside at his commentary desk. He declared that the American is “getting knocked out” but didn’t get physical with his rival, and the pair seem to be on a collision course now to fight early next year.

Mike Tyson

John Fury claimed he could fight Mike Tyson to the death while taunting Jake Paul

The YouTube star mocked Fury relentlessly throughout his lacklustre exhibition, which was a short-notice replacement for a fight with Paul Bamba that was cancelled over weight issues. He joked about how seriously the pair were taking the bout, which went the distance and wasn’t scored, and claimed his rival was an amateur.

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Now, the pair’s teams are locked in talks for a fight early next year, with contracts believed to be in the process of being drafted. Most recently, Fury insisted that Global Titans, who put on his Dubai exhibition, must be involved, which Paul wasn’t keen to do after their alleged mistreatment of Bamba when the fight was pulled at the last minute.

Bamba claims still not to have been paid despite making his contracted weight, while Global Titans have admitted that the disparity between weights on each man’s contract was a mix-up that neither had anything to do with. Meanwhile, they publicly confirmed that Fury was paid in full for going ahead with an exhibition that was in no way competitive.

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