‘The Body Doesn’t Feel Like It Wants to Anymore’- Andre Agassi’s Wife Steffi Graf Says There’s No Competitiveness Left Now When They Play Tennis

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The tennis couple, Andre Agassi, and his wife, the great Steffi Graf, have had scintillating careers as players. Agassi has won a total of 8 major titles, while the German player Graf has won an incredible 22 times. All in all, they have managed to amass a total of 30 Grand Slam championships together.

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However, as expected, the time has changed since then. The two have retired from the game for almost 15- 20 years. In a recent interview, Steffi Graf was seen talking about how she and her husband, Agassi, have lost their competitiveness.



Steffi Graf on how the game has changed for both of them

Last year, Steffi Graf and her husband were invited to an exclusive chat with Channel Nine. The show’s host was seen asking Graf about the competitiveness of both husband and wife when they play tennis.

Steffi Graf laughed off the question by saying, “Very different life. You know, it feels, it felt very good. Stepping away from it. I think it was a great time in my life, and I felt like I gave to my sport everything that I had, and I was really ready, I think, for the next stage in life.

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She further said, “You know, once in a while, we get out on the court, but the body doesn’t quite feel like it wants to anymore. But you know, it’s been very blessed.


Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf’s long-lasting relationship

The year 1992 marked the first time when the American legend met Steffi Graf. It was the same year when they both won the Wimbledon Open. Right after 7 years, Agassi went through a divorce and a rough couple of years.

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He then started dating Steffi Graf, and it took them another 2 years to get married in 2001. The couple is also blessed with two children. Andre and Steffi Agassi may have ended up retiring as tennis players, but their love for the game is still as fresh as ever.

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