Rafael Nadal: ‘I have always taken good memories of…’

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We are in the final phase of the race of the big three. This 2022 has been the official announcement and the last game of his career for the Swiss champion Roger Federer, the other two tennis players who are part of the Big Three, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, are already in the final phase of their careers, but Despite this, the two continue to win.

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The former won the Australian Open and Roland Garros, but has had to deal with various physical problems and now seems to be in the final stages of his career. A different situation on the other hand for Novak Djokovic: the Serbian champion has had a peculiar year this year, he has been left out of several tournaments due to the decision not to get vaccinated, but nevertheless he has taken several satisfactions, such as winning Wimbledon and the ATP Finals at the end of the year in Turin.

Rafael Nadal

Thanks to his success in Italy, Nole has joined Roger Federer in six final wins and the two are unique in history. Rafael Nadal 22, Novak Djokovic 21, Roger Federer 20: it seems obvious to say that if you have to talk about GOATs, you shouldn’t get away from these three athletes and the first two can even increase their haul on the ATP circuit.

A fight and a debate that will keep us apart for decades, and no one yet has arguments to make one or the other prevail. The Mallorcan champion Rafael Nadal spoke at a press conference and discussed various topics and he could not miss the question about the GOAT.

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Rafa, under pressure, said: “For me the important thing is to play the most important tournaments in good physical condition, now I am happy doing what I like, competing on big stages and the love of the people helps me and encourages me to continue.”

Rafael Nadal

Nadal reflected on his “exciting” year

Rafael Nadal concluded his Latin American tour in Mexico on Friday. He also played exhibition matches in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Ecuador, and Columbia. “When I’m in Mexico I don’t feel like a stranger, I don’t feel like a foreigner, in the end when you’re in a country where we speak the same language and there are more things that unite us, when I arrive here I feel at home,” he said.

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“The reception of the people I feel is spectacular. It is a country where people know how to have fun, a happy country. And well, in all the places I have been in the country in Cozumel, Tulum, Playa Mujeres, and Acapulco, I have always been happy, I have always taken good memories of the places, but also of the people, of the food, of everything, and that always encourages me to come back,” he added.

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