Pat Perez’s wife has no chill against Tiger Woods’ car accident: ‘I don’t feel bad for him’

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It appears the Perez family is taking their feud vs Tiger Woods outside of LIV Golf

Tiger Woods has been involved in a public feud with pretty much anybody who represents the LIV Golf tournament that aims to compete against the PGA. He’s always positioned himself against it and got roughly criticized because of that. One of the pro golfers who doesn’t seem to like Tiger is Pat Perez, who is a veteran that chose to represent LIV Golf. His wife just mocked Tiger Woods for not being able to walk much during a golf game due to his injuries. To those who don’t recall, Woods suffered a life-threatening single-car accident that left him with many serious injuries.

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Tiger Woods.


Even though Woods was not accused of substance abuse after the accident, there was a reported empty bottle pill inside the car. Also, Tiger was reportedly not cooperating with authorities at the time the accident happened. He was also disoriented and somewhat combative after the crash. That alone got him a lot of criticism from people who don’t like him. People who spoke against Tiger Woods were thankful no person was killed by him because it could’ve definitely happened. Pat Perez’s wife, Ashley decided to comment on a video of Tiger Woods on Instagram.

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Instagram account Golf Balling uploaded a video of Tiger Woods talking about the struggles he faces after the accident. In the comments, a user tells Tiger he should always drive a golf cart in order to avoid walking. This is what Tiger Woods said on that video: “I can hit golf balls. It’s the walking that just hurts. The goal is to play just the major championships and maybe one or two more. I mean, that’s physically all I can do… I don’t have much left in this leg, so gear up for the biggest ones and hopefully lightning catches in a bottle, and hopefully I’m up there with a chance to win, and hopefully I remember how to that.”

Tiger Woods

But Ashley Perez was having none of it, she aired her husband’s problems with Tiger Woods by openly mocking him in that comment. She was ruthless by writing: “Literally why driving under the influence is ILLEGAL. I don’t feel bad for him. Thank god he didn’t kill anyone. See ya.” Perez eventually erased her comment but screen shot takers were faster than she was. We can add this as another instance of how much Tiger Woods is at odds with anybody who has anything to do with LIV Golf.

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