“Doesn’t Mean It Was Someone’s Birthday”: Simone Biles Post for Jonathan Owens Takes a

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“Doesn’t Mean It Was Someone’s Birthday”: Simone Biles Post for Jonathan Owens Takes a Hilarious Turn as Fans Misinterpret the Message

Simone Biles never fails to support and motivate his soon-to-be-husband Jonathan Owens. The lovely couple often share pictures and snaps via their social media accounts. In Owens’ first NFL regular season as a starter, Biles has been by his side during every match and is cheering for her footballer fiance. Recently, she uploaded a with Owens before a game.

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However, more than the post, its caption caught her followers’ attention. Well, what happened next is hilarious.

Simone Biles

Biles’ caption takes a wrong turn

Footballer Jonathan Owens is a defensive back for the NFL team Houston Texans. Since this is Owens’ first full season as a starter for the Texans, Biles, who is on mental health, is present to support her fiance at every match.

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In one of her recent Instagram posts, the famous gymnast is seen entering the stadium with Owens hand-in-hand. For the caption, the social media “queen” used Drake’s latest hit song and wrote, “36, can you do sum for me

36 is Owens’ jersey number, but many fans were unaware of it. As a result, the innocent followers thought it was Biles’ birthday, and 36 referred to her age.

Simone Biles

Hopefully, the fans soon realize what Biles’ caption meant, and for those who missed Biles’ 25th birthday bash, it was a glorious one!

Simone Biles shined as she turned 25

The star gymnast celebrated her 25th birthday bash with her fiance Jonathan Owens in Turks and Caicos. While Biles shared many pictures from her luxurious vacation, her birthday post caught everyone’s attention.

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Inspired by fashion legend Paris Hilton, the legendary gymnast wore a beautiful silver halter-neck dress. Biles looked absolutely stunning in the outfit and brought her 25th birthday in style.

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