Here are the tees Charlie Woods will play at the PNC

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The matter of which tees Charlie Woods will play at this weekend’s PNC Championship became an unexpected subject of debate after conflicting reports. As it turns out, the discussion may have been much ado about nothing.

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Thursday afternoon, Golf Channel’s Todd Lewis — who had originally reported that the 13-year-old Woods would move the second-to-back tee box — is reporting that the committee has “reconsidered” the tees Charlie Woods will play at this week’s PNC. While the 6,452-yard course he’ll play is still significantly longer than last year, it’s shorter than the 6,754-yard version he was reportedly considering playing this week.


As it turns out, the original report wasn’t quite right. While Charlie was on a list as playing from the same tees as John Daly, Vijay Singh and Nelly Korda, that list wasn’t considered final.

“The thing is, there’s no change,” PGA Tour chief referee Terry told GOLF.com Thursday. “We had heard that Tiger might wish for Charlie to play a longer golf course. But I had scheduled Charlie to play the tee box for his age with the 13-year-olds. So there’s been no change — he will play from the 13-year-old tees.”

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Terry added that while competitors could request to play from a longer set of tees, they wouldn’t punish a talented 13-year-old just for being good for his age. You can read his full remarks here.

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For context: the PNC is a 20-team tournament in which major champions play alongside family members in a two-day scramble. A wide variety of ages and abilities means they need different players teeing off from different places. And while officials haven’t released complete details about tee boxes for this year’s tournament, we can glean some information from last year’s setup, which consisted of four categories. Here’s how that looked:

COURSE 1 (7,126 yards): Ages 16-54

COURSE 2 (6,576 yards): Ages 14-15, ages 55-73, plus LPGA pros

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COURSE 3 (6,036 yards): Ages 11-13

COURSE 4 (5,499 yards): Ages 73 and over

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