Frances Tiafoe opens up about being inspired by watching Venus and Serena Williams dominate a “predominantly white” sport

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Frances Tiafoe recently shared how Serena Williams and Venus Williams inspired his tennis aspirations and touched upon the legacy he wants to leave behind.

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The American captured everyone’s attention this year when he advanced to the semifinals of a Grand Slam tournament for the first time in his career at the US Open. He became the first American man to reach the semifinals at Flushing Meadows since Andy Roddick in 2006, and the first black American man since Arthur Ashe in 1972.

Serena Williams

Speaking on an episode of The Old Man And The Three podcast, Tiafoe revealed that he wants his legacy to be remembered in the same way as Serena and Venus Williams. “If Serena and Venus weren’t playing tennis, even with the come up I had like, I’m you know, seven eight years ago watching them play against each other in the Wimbledon final, in a predominantly white sport, I’m looking at my dad, that’s iconic. I’m not saying, I want to be them because they’re one of ones. But I want to be remembered like that. And I think, and when you create that, it’s you know, it’s insane. I mean, it’s it you know you’re forever remembered and that’s what I want,” said Frances Tiafoe.

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Serena Williams

The 24-year-old also stated that he wants to make tennis more accessible to people of color and show them how much fun it is. “I want when I’m playing, fans who don’t even know how to keep score or like who just would never watch tennis, but they’re there to watch Frances Tiafoe. I want more people of color to play the game of tennis, obviously. So, make it more accessible and let people know that it is fun. It is fun to go play tennis. So, yeah, that’s a, it’s always emotional topic for me and it’s something really want to, I really want my legacy to be,” he added.

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