‘Not Afraid To Hunker Down’: Tiger Woods’ Longtime Caddie Makes an Astonishing Revelation About His Preparation Routine

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Tiger Woods has been a good golfer his entire life. He has displayed his incredible talent countless times. Despite him being around for 25+ years, fans still have some unanswered questions lingering in their mind about his career; how can he play this well? What makes him different from other professional golfers? And finally, his longtime caddie revealed the secret behind the 15-time major champion’s success!

“He’s not afraid to hunker down and actually work at it,” Joe LaCava said. The 27-second video that Golf Digest shared recently on Twitter from their ‘My Game’ series with Woods revealed how he approaches every tournament from his caddie’s point of view.

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The longtime caddie explained how long Tiger Woods practices to master one shot

Tiger Woods

Golf is not just a sport or profession for Tiger Woods. It is his life. He started his journey to become one of the bests by getting strict training from his dad. Even after years of being the greatest, he still practices hard for each and every shot.

“You know, some guys just go through the token effort over the short game here for 15 minutes,” LaCava said. “I’ve seen him in his backyard for four or five hours at a time working on the same kind of shot.” 

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Notably, various reports suggest that the 82-time PGA Tour champion has built a golf course in his Florida-based $40 million mansion. And according to LaCava, the soon-to-be 47-year-golfer practices his shots in his backyard by keeping the golf course he will play next in his mind.

Tiger Woods.

Interestingly, Woods’ caddie also revealed that he goes to the extra level to practice at home ahead of an event. “So, he’ll have the grasses grown a certain way at home,” he explained, “to prepare himself to get ready for the golf tournament.” 

How long has Joe LaCava been caddying for the 15-time major champion?

Woods had worked with quite a number of caddies before settling for Joe LaCava. He hired the Connecticut-based caddie after he fired Steve Williams, with whom Woods won 13 of his 15 majors, in 2011.

Notably, according to bunkered.co.uk, LaCava caddied for Fred Couples for around two decades and the former world no. 1 Dustin Johnson for four years before carrying the bag for Woods.

As his caddie of 10+ years, LaCava knows Tiger Woods’ every routine inside out. Throughout these years, he has seen the hard work the golfer put in to master each golf shot. And how that makes him different from every other golfer, the G. O. A. T.

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