Phil Mickelson Gives His Seal of Approval to the

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Phil Mickelson Gives His Seal of Approval to the 2023 Masters With Rare Twitter Appearance

Although having a social media presence nowadays makes you more important, not everyone requires it. Some sportsmen have a reputation that precedes them. To them, social media isn’t a platform to showcase themselves because they don’t need to. The golf legend, Phil Mickelson, is one of those sportsmen. Lefty is not as socially active as other golfers, so when he does post as he did recently about the upcoming Masters, he has everyone’s attention.

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Phil Mickelson

The golf legend has spent the majority of last year in the media spotlight due to his move to LIV Golf. He defected earlier this year, in June, and has since led the LIV’s fight against the PGA Tour.

Phil Mickelson approves a list of LIV Masters finishers

Recently, an announcement about the LIV golfer being allowed to compete in the Masters blew up on the internet. Fans ran amok, splitting into those who agreed with the decision and those who didn’t. One even went on to post a list of golfers who he claimed were his “Dream 2023 Masters Finish.”

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All the golfers on his list were LIV Golf defectors, and Mickelson sat atop it. The fan also wrote “less goo,” tagging LIV Golf. Mickelson, who had tweeted fewer than 20 times this year, went online and replied to the fan’s post by saying, “Same.”

Phil Mickelson

Lefty certainly is thrilled with the announcement of being allowed to compete at Augusta. The golfer has a deep history with the place and is definitely looking forward to the event.

What did the Augusta Chairman have to say about the LIV golf players at the Masters?

In a recent statement, as per CNN, Fred Ridley, the chairman of the Augusta National Golf Club, said those eligible under our current criteria” would be invited to play in April at the Masters. This meant that many of the LIV Golf players would also receive an invite.


This served as good news to the likes of Bryson DeChambeau and Brooks Koepka who are yet to win at the Augusta National. Lefty himself will also be delighted with the chance to add a fourth green jacket to his name.

Phil Mickelson

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Do you think a LIV golfer will take the title at the event? And will it maybe result in them being more accepted elsewhere also? Let us know in the comments below.

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