ROGER THAT Roger Federer reveals he was blocked from entering Wimbledon because jobsworth security guard did not recognise him

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ROGER FEDERER had to blag his way into Wimbledon last month – because a nit-picking security guard did not recognise him.

The Swiss superstar – who retired from playing tennis after September’s Laver Cup – has won the Wimbledon men’s singles championship a record eight times.

Federer was not recognised by a security guard at Wimbledon Federer won Wimbledon eight times

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But when he had two hours to kill in London after seeing a doctor having just flown in from a sponsors’ event in Tokyo, a jobsworth steward denied him entry as he did not have his SW19 members’ card.

Roger FedererSpeaking on The Daily Show in the US, Federer, 41, said: “I didn’t tell Wimbledon in advance I would be coming. I didn’t know if I would have enough time to go by the Club before flying home.

“But I went there for tea as I had two hours to spare. I drove up to the gate where guests come in. I spoke to this security lady. I told my coach, ‘I’ve got this’.

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“I said to her: ‘I’m wondering how I can get into Wimbledon? Where is the door or gate?’

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