‘He Can’t Touch’: Despite Having a Sweet Bond With His Son, Tiger Woods Once Boldly Warned Charlie Woods From Not

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‘He Can’t Touch’: Despite Having a Sweet Bond With His Son, Tiger Woods Once Boldly Warned Charlie Woods From Not Touching Two Valuables That Are ‘Off-Limits’

Being a professional golfer for over two decades, Tiger Woods has had plenty of moments to archive. The golfer, who is known for his humble approach toward others, may get a little stubborn towards his prize possessions. In a 2016 interview, Tiger’s two most prestigious possessions were revealed which weren’t allowed to be touched by even his son Charlie Woods.

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Tiger Woods

The young Woods aspires to be like his father. The now 13-year-old has already impressed many with his amazing performances at the PNC Championship. Several fans have made out the exact replication of body language and golfing style between Charlie and his 15-time Major winning father.

Apparently enough, Tiger’s son may like to imitate him in the backyard of their house using some of Woods’ putters. Though the Hall of Famer allows Charlie to use his putters, there are two that the young Woods is restricted from even touching.

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Which two putters are dearest to Tiger Woods?

Along with many of Tiger’s prize possessions, he also happens to have a putter studio in his house. During an interview with Golf.Com in 2016, the 47-year-old shared the insights of some of the putters he had used to win his 14 Major titles (now 15).

Tiger Woods

Charlie knows there are two putters he can’t touch”, said Tiger while talking about which putters the young Woods is allowed to use for rolling putts in the golf studio. He revealed, “There’s the black one I won with the Teryllium insert”. 22 years before his 15th Major win at Augusta National, Tiger Woods wore the Green Jacket for the first time in 1997 using that putter.

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The other putter happens to be the Scotty Cameron Newport 2 GSS Putter. The famous putter has been in Tiger’s bag during each of his 15 Major wins. The red-dotted putter may be used by Woods frequently during his outing at Majors, unfortunately for Charlie, he isn’t even allowed to touch it.

Tiger Woods, Charlie Woods

They sit next to each other”, Tiger Woods said. “Touch any other putter, do anything you want with any other putter. But these putters are off-limits”. Though the Hall of Famer may have been a little stubborn over his son, he did get Charlie a Scotty Cameron putter of his own.

Woods has accomplished so much in the sport, yet the putters happen to be two of his most beloved possessions.  It’s about time when Charlie Woods too will have some of his own putters which he likes to keep as a souvenir, and not allow his father to touch them. For that story to be heard, we may have to wait a little longer.

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