Tyson Fury has a message for Oleksandr Usyk: ‘I’m coming for you, rabbit’

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The Gypsy King wanted to take some time and taunt Oleksandr Usyk through social media

As the upcoming unification bout between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk enbters the final stage of negotiations for March 4, the Gypsy King is already trying to spice up the event. The only detail left on this deal is the venue, which is between two spots. Initially there was already a previous agreement for it to happen at Wembley Stadium in London. However, there is also the chance to do it in Saudi Arabia and both fighters would like it to happen there as well. What truly matters for both of them is the fight itself, the rest are details they don’t care much about
Tyson Fury
In the most recent Instagram post on his official account, Tyson Fury sent Oleksandr Usyk a message. This is what he said: “Tyson Fury here, WBC heavyweight number one. Usyk, calling out ‘The Gypsy King‘ with your pathetic little call outs, dosser. Rabbit, I’m coming for you, rabbit, you’re getting it, rabbit. And I’ll tell you what else, I’m gonna bust you up real bad you little middleweight. I’m going to slap you into a big pile of tattoos, sucker. Come on! This is the call out Oleksandr Usyk. Middleweight. I AM COMING FOR YOU. You know who I am. The Gypsy King. There’s only ever been one. Come get some!”
Tyson Fury

Why is Tyson Fury calling Oleksandr Usyk a rabbit? It’s pretty obvious as the size difference between both fighters is pretty substantial. Although they both will meet the standard weight minimum, there is no denying Oleksandr Usyk is a much smaller man than Fury is. The biggest question is who will this size difference benefit the most when they are inside the ring? Although Fury is massive, he has characterized himself for his agility and speed against any opponent he faces. Usyk might be one of the fastest heavyweights in boxing history but Tyson Fury is also amongst the most technical. We are in for a wild evening when this fight takes place. If it happens on March 4, we will get two major Heavyweight title fights in boxing and the UFC.

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