”My Girl”: Away From Gymnastics, Simone Biles Cheers For Auburn Gymnast

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The four-time Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles may not have to return to her sport yet, but she follows the sport religiously. On many occasions, Simone was spotted cheering for her gymnastics peers physically at stadiums or at home. Recently, the Olympics gymnast posted an Instagram story rooting for her gymnast friend Olivia Hollingsworth performing at the friendly meet of Auburn Gymnastics at Neville Arena.

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Auburn Gymnastics is a gymnastics team from Auburn University that mostly competes at the National Collegiate Athletics Association and the Southeastern Conference. Many gymnasts from the team have progressed in their careers at the Olympics doing their best today. So, what encouraging words did Biles leave for Olivia?

Simone Biles

Simone Biles cheers for an Auburn Gymnastics gymnast

23-year-old Olivia Hollingsworth performed her gymnast routine breathtakingly at Auburn Gymnastics friendly meet yesterday as she represented her team to compete against team Arkansas. Olivia received sound cheers in the stadium for successfully pulling off four eye-opening gymnastics somersaults and won nearly 39.175 points for her team. Apart from the cheers in the stadium, Olivia had the OG gymnast Simone Biles cheering for her from the comfort of her home.

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he 25-year-old gymnastics posted a story recording her terrific somersaults at the friendly meet. Moreover, Simone added a little cheerful caption for Olivia in the Instagram Story video that read, “My Girl!!

The overall performance of Auburn Gymnastics won them the friendly match against Arkansas.

Simone Biles

Although Simone Biles is not competing at the gymnastics championship presently, she frequently visits gymnasiums. These visits strengthened the rumor that she might be preparing for Paris Olympics 2024.

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Biles opens up about participating in Paris Olympics 2024

For the unversed, Biles decided to quit from Tokyo Olympics in 2021, prioritizing her mental health. Since then, she has not engaged herself in any kind of gymnastics championships. However, as the Paris Olympics is just a year away, there are speculations that she might make a comeback in the sport. However, Biles told in an interview,

Simone Biles

“For Paris, as of now, I would say, I’ll be there regardless. I just don’t know if it will be as an athlete or as an audience member, but if I do decide to train, obviously, I’d have to go 100 percent, so I probably wouldn’t hold back. I’d still try to give it my all.”

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