Roger Federer hangs from the ceiling dressed only in his underpants and a swim cap in bizarre new video – here’s what the

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Roger Federer hangs from the ceiling dressed only in his underpants and a swim cap in bizarre new video – here’s what the tennis legend is up to in retirement

Roger Federer has revealed a surprising new post-retirement career path  The tennis legend is the subject of bizarre new art installation in Italy  It saw him suspended in harnesses wearing just underwear and swim cap 

Twenty-time grand slam winner Roger Federer is unfortunately not at Melbourne Park for the Australian Open after retiring in September last year – and vision of what he’s been up to proves he couldn’t be any further from the tennis bubble.

Roger Federer

The 41-year-old has instead immersed himself in the art world, with a sneak peek at a yet-to-be-released documentary showing him suspended from the ceiling wearing only his underpants and a black swimming cap.

But why, you ask?

Roger Federer, pictured with wife Mirka at a fashion event in Paris earlier this month, has made a stunning move post-retirement

Roger Federer was suspended from the ceiling in a harness wearing only his underwear as part of a new art installation highlighting the Swiss star’s figure

For an upcoming art exhibition by renowned Swiss artist and sculptor Ugo Rondinone titled ‘Cloud Six’.

Federer was put into a series of bizarre poses while hanging from the ceiling in a harness so his body could be captured as a 3D figure via a high-tech scanner.

Roger Federer

At one point he spent hours inside a full-body mould, while he also had his entire face covered in silicone.

Most retired tennis legends would move on to the commentary circuit for the grand slams, or charge big bucks as a speaker, but Federer said he wanted to forgo those typical paths and challenge himself.

Ever the legend, he isn’t content to rest on his laurels.  

Federer can also been seen wearing a swimming cap in the documentary sneak peak, where his entire body is scanned and turned into a mould

Roger Federer retired in September 2022 after winning 20 grand slam titles, including the 2017 Wimbledon championship (pictured)

Roger Federer

The Swiss made it clear at the time he wanted to spend time with his family – which is why he didn’t travel down under to attend the Australian Open, despite being asked by organisers.

So instead, he’s taking himself well out of his comfort zone.

‘This new experience gave me the chance to push me out of my comfort zone and opened my eyes to learn the intricate processes of creating art,’ he said on a trailer of the documentary, entitled ‘Portrait of a Champion’, which was made by investment banking giant Credit Suisse.

‘I was surprised how much energy I got from art. I didn’t think that was going to happen to me … it’s a switch-up from my daily life. It’s peaceful.

‘I think it’s very important to do other things, not just chase a fuzzy tennis ball around.

‘I enjoy working with Ugo. Super nice guy, great artist, very wise – he’s got a heart of gold.

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