Oleksandr Usyk offers to fight Tyson Fury for free in latest swipe at rival

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World heavyweight champions Usyk and Fury are due to fight for all four belts, but the Ukrainian’s latest social media activity indicates that talks may have stalled

Oleksandr Usyk has offered to fight Tyson Fury for free in his latest swipe at the Brit on social media.

The two heavyweight champions are expected to meet to crown the first undisputed world champion of the four-belt era, but talks seem to be stalling judging by a Twitter update from the Ukrainian. It is believed they will fight in the Middle East, or if a deal isn’t made that they will switch the event to Wembley Stadium

Oleksandr Usyk

Fury’s promoter Bob Arum has indicated Usyk is happy with the current deal on the table for the fight, meaning that Saudi Arabian investors will now need to table a deal that impresses the Brit. However, his rival seems unhappy with current progress, and has now offered to fight without any prize money for the bout.

Usyk wrote: “Fury, you talk about greatness in Boxing. At the same time you say ‘give me a lot of money’. Greatness in Boxing is not determined by money, greatness comes from a victorious path. You say that I avoid you, although I never have, and in fact I’ve come to you. I’m ready to box with you even without any prize money!”

Arum explained to The Daily Telegraph the factors that remain for Fury’s fight with Usyk to be finalised, saying: “I think the fighters want to fight each other, the question is where and the question is under what terms,” “If the fight ends up in Saudi Arabia, each fighter will make his deal with the Saudis.

Oleksandr Usyk

“Usyk’s people tell me that they have a deal that they’re satisfied with and now. And if the Saudis are truly interested, they’ll make a deal with us for Tyson Fury and we’re off to the races. The fight would take place either before or after Ramadan, but the fighters don’t need a long window to prepare.

“Everybody on both sides wants to do it, there’s no question about it. Hopefully, it’ll get done. If not, I think Fury has a number of options, one of whom is Joe Joyce, which would be a massive fight in the UK, and in America, come to that.”

Both Fury and Usyk have been public about their call-outs of one another on social media, with the Brit even returning to his Instagram page which he had handed over to his PR team in order to send a video to the Ukrainian. He has continuously insisted that he doesn’t care about becoming undisputed, having won all four major belts and never lost them in the ring.

Tyson Fury AND Oleksandr Usyk
Tyson Fury AND Oleksandr Usyk

“ Tyson Fury here, WBC heavyweight No.1,” he said in an aggressive Instagram message towards his rival. “Usyk, calling out ‘The Gypsy King’ with your pathetic little call-outs, dosser. Rabbit, I’m coming for you, rabbit, you’re getting it, rabbit. And I’ll tell you what else, I’m gonna bust you up real bad, you little middleweight. I’m going to slap you into a big pile of tattoos, sucker. Come on!”

The video was accompanied by the caption: “This is the call out Oleksandr Usyk. Middleweight. I AM COMING FOR YOU. #RunRabbitRun. You know who I am. The Gypsy King. There’s only ever been one. Come get some!”

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