Nelly Korda’s skills are all Tour pros want to talk about

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Tiger and Charlie Woods may be the headliners at this week’s PNC Championship, but that’s just because of the rabid Woods fans who haven’t seen their king in action for months. And then there’s also all of his dad’s fans, too.

But simmering beneath all that Woods hoopla is a separate line of attention for another team at the PNC Championship. It’s not the Dalys, who won last year, nor is it the Thomases, who are bound to play with the Woods family. It’s Team Korda, as in Nelly Korda and her father, Petr.

This time of year is filled with slightly different events, the PNC being chief among them as a parent-child affair. Combined with last week’s QBE Shootout, where pros teamed up with other pros, even some LPGA pros, and we’ve seen a trend manifest the last few days: PGA Tour pros keep fawning over Nelly Korda’s skills.

Nelly Korda

The World No. 2 player teamed up with Denny McCarthy last week and didn’t just catch the eye of two Presidents Cup teammates, she had their attention all day.

“We talked about it all day,” Max Homa said when asked about Korda’s game.

Kevin Kisner: We talked about it all day. I think I called her the Tiger Woods of the LPGA Tour at one point. And then through about seven or eight holes I said she’s hit every shot just like she wants to for eight holes. Like does she hit a bad shot? I have no idea, I’ve never seen her hit a bad shot. We were laughing all day.

Homa: It was a little bit outrageous.

Kisner: She drove it down the middle.

Homa: She drove it down the middle on every hole, she almost hit the pin three times, hit it to like two inches on one par-4, then from way too far that next one, she almost hit the pin.

Nelly Korda

Kisner: Hooped a 20-footer.

Homa: And chipped it great, so I don’t know how she does not win every week. It’s a testament to these other ladies that anyone can even sniff beating her because that was wildly impressive.

Kisner: I asked her out there if she wins every tournament.

Homa: She said no.

Kisner: She said no. I’m like, I don’t believe you.

While Korda is humbly telling the truth, she was able to bounce back from a health scare this spring with a couple victories in the late summer and early fall. But if Homa and Kisner gushing over her entire skillset wasn’t enough, the Korda adulation has continued this week at the PNC. Padriag Harrington was asked Thursday about the energy of the event and the ultimate swing-studier brought up Korda as the player he most wants to watch.

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