‘£335,000 down the toilet’ – Jake Paul apologises to Drake for losing his bet, while Tyson Fury taunts him‘£335,000 down the toilet’ – Jake Paul apologises to Drake for losing his bet, while Tyson Fury taunts him

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The Drake curse continued on Sunday night, as he bet on Jake Paul, but the social media star ended up losing against Tommy Fury.

Canadian rapper, Drake, is notorious for betting on sports people or teams and then they go on to lose, with Jake Paul becoming the latest victim to this curse

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Drake would have won over a million pounds if Jake Paul had secured the KO, but it was not to be

Paul managed to knock Fury down in the final round of their clash, but he went on to lose by split decision.

Pre-fight, Drake revealed that he had bet $400,000 (£335,000) on Paul to win by KO.

Tyson Fury

In his post-fight interview, Paul was asked about the Drake curse and he replied jokingly: “This is Drake’s fault! Drake bro, why did you do this to me?

“Sorry Drake, I’m gonna get that W in the rematch.”

And it seems Drake will have a chance to win his money back in the rematch, as Paul revealed he and Fury have already agreed to meet in the ring again

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Paul and Fury showed a lot of respect to each other after the fight and they have agreed to do a rematch

“I’m going to go back for this rematch,” Paul said.

“I just talked to Tommy in the medical room and he said, ‘let’s go, let’s do it again’ and he’s down for it, so that will be the focus first and foremost.

“I’m going to prove that I can go and fight a better fight than I did tonight and get that W.”

Tyson Fury

In the dressing room after the bout, Fury was also asked about Drake’s bet and he said: “He’s lost a lot of money the silly fella, actually he’s not a silly fella, $400,000 to him is about £4 to us, but he won’t be doing that again.”

Fury’s older brother and WBC heavyweight world champion, Tyson Fury, took the opportunity to taunt Drake, as he told BT Sport: “It looks like Drake lost his money, £335,000 down the toilet, Drakey!

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Although, Tyson went on to admit that he had lost £100,000 of his own money, as he said: “Let me tell you a secret, I lost mine too because I bet for the knockout, so there were two losses.”


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