“My Parents Are a Bit Harsh”: ‘Scared’ Simone Biles Wasn’t Sure About Family Accepting Jonathan Owens, Back in 2021

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Simone Biles is all set to tie the knot with her beau, NFL star Jonathan Owens. The couple got engaged early in 2022 and have been inseparable ever since. Now, after grand bachelor and bachelorette parties, the wedding is almost around the corner. But the first meeting has always been something that they cherished.

In her documentary, Simone vs Herself, the gymnast sat down to talk about the day she introduced Jonathan Owens to her parents. While it’s always a huge event for one’s family to finally meet the person they love, for the star, it was nerve-wracking. Let’s see how Biles did it!

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Simone Biles sought her family’s approval for Owens

Just like any other couple taking the next big step together, Biles and Owens decided it was time to meet each other’s parents. In her documentary, the gymnast recalled being nervous about the ordeal. Although everything was good between the couple, Biles’ main concern was her parents’ view of him.

Simone Biles

She laughed, “I can’t tell you how scared I was” recalling Owens’ introduction. As terrifying as the situation felt, Biles was more nervous about her mother Nellie’s thoughts on her then-boyfriend. While things eventually fell into place, she decided to give the NFL star some warnings beforehand.

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The star gymnast embarrassingly admitted while addressing the scenario in the documentary, “I was like ‘oh my gosh’ you know, ‘my parents are a bit harsh’. I was like, ‘so don’t worry if they don’t like you’”. But destiny had other plans for the couple. The interaction went better than expected, and Owens quickly became a part of the family. All of this love between the couple makes it hard to believe that the NFL star once hardly knew who Simone Biles was.

Simone Biles

Owens realized that his date back then was a big deal

In the same documentary, the Houston Texans safety admitted how he never watched gymnastics and had no clue who Biles was. The couple met on the online dating app Raya, and things built up from there.

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Noticing that she had many followers online, Owens had no clue until people around him pointed out Biles’ achievements. Incidentally, the gymnast liked the fact that the NFL star did not know who she was since it gave the relationship, authenticity. Eventually, the couple spent their quarantine together. And for Owens, things felt like it was meant to be when his dog loved the love of his life too.

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