Why Phil Mickelson BRUTALLY blasted as he ‘undermined golf values’

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“This was no formal attire, no evening dress, it wasn’t even a polo shirt.”

Golf superstar Phil Mickelson has drawn some heated criticism this week, not for his play or for even anything he said, but for what he chose to wear as he competes in the British Open.

In a column published on Friday, Jim White of The Telegraph blasted Phil Mickelson for his choice of clothing, claiming that he “undermined golf values” by not wearing a collar with his shirt.

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“Worse, it was entirely lacking in the most fundamental requirement of a golf shirt: a collar. This was no formal attire, no evening dress, it wasn’t even a polo shirt. Long sleeved, round and smooth at the neck, it was the kind of thing that, were you to sport it on the morning fourballs at your local club, would get you removed from the course before you had left the clubhouse. And rightly so,” White wrote for the Telegraph.

Phil Mickelson

But White wasn’t just bothered by what Mickelson chose to wear, he was also bothered by the message Mickelson sent with his attire.

“But on further inspection, it was clear this was not a simple shirt that Mickelson, the 53-year-old American, was wearing. Rather, this was a statement, a symbol of revolution. The clue was in the large, noisy and undistinguished logo spreading across his chest. It was there too on the front of his playing cap. A rather fascistic looking marque, a messy triangular confluence of the letters HF, it is the brand of the Hyflyers, a LIV Golf affiliate,” White wrote.
It’s safe to say that White was not a fan of Mickelson’s outfit choice and would have preferred him to wear a more traditional outfit to the Open Championship.