Despite Emulating His Father With a Dominant Victory, Charlie Woods Still Faces a Huge Challenge

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Despite Emulating His Father With a Dominant Victory, 14-year-old Charlie Woods Faces a Huge Challenge

Charlie Woods and Tiger Woods are two of the most popular and celebrated father-son duos in golfing history. Even so, Woods Jr. is on his way to becoming the younger version of his dad. After all, the apple does not fall that far from a tree. His recent performance, wherein he just crushed the field, was perfectly reminiscent of his father’s elite days.

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However, that incredible victory is now followed by anguish as the golfer looks ahead to a mountain of a challenge. And this recent hurdle is perhaps one that he may be unable to overcome.

Charlie Woods

Charlie Woods’ win is followed by a hardship

The young Woods has been playing on the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour for about two years now. He started in 2021 and put up a stellar performance on the course. The 15-time major champion’s son has had 13 Top 10 finishes in the span of two years.

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Woods recently emerged victorious in the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour’s Major Championship at Village Golf Course this weekend. He won the 2-day event with a 36-hole major tournament by 8 strokes. His big win was just an echo of what his father used to do during his early days on the PGA Tour. His winning score was shared by a Twitter fan account, Pardon My Take, to congratulate the young golfer. However, not all was going well!

Charlie Woods

Despite putting on a stunning show this past weekend at Village Golf Course, the rocky road has not ended for the young star. According to HJGT’s official website, Charlie Woods is ranked in the 16th position for the Player of the Year Award. On top of the rankings sits Armaan Osterman with 6250 points, whereas the 14-year-old has 2983 points. The second runner-up in Florida this weekend, Luke Friend, sits at number 2 in the rankings with 5375 points.

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The HJGT has lined up many exciting events for the boys aged 14–15, such as the BallyOwen Junior Open, the Major Championship at Birdsfoot, and so on. With so many upcoming events, will Charlie Woods be able to gain more points and top the chart to become player of the year?

charlie woods

Tiger Woods doesn’t want his son to copy his skills

Every son wishes to be like his father, and so does Charlie. He likes to walk on the course just like his father walks. The 14-year-old not only tries to copy his walking style but also imitates his golfing manners. On the course, from his famous club twirl to his fist pump, Woods Jr. seems just like a smaller version of his father. He even tries to copy his dad’s golf swing, and that’s where Tiger draws the line!

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During the NBC broadcast of the 2022 World Hero Challenge, Woods advised his son not to copy his swing because he knew it had changed a lot from his prime days and was now just a shadow of its former self. Instead, the golf legend told Charlie to try and swing more like Rory McIlroy, after all, he was still in prime form! But whether the young golfer takes up his advice is yet to be seen.

What are your thoughts about the challenge Charlie Woods faces? Do you think he will win the Player of the Year award? Tell us in the comments below.

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