“I Am Not Making Nowhere Near That”: Sean O’Malley Admits Feeling “Jealous” Towards..

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“I Am Not Making Nowhere Near That”: Sean O’Malley Admits Feeling “Jealous” Towards Ryan Garcia’s $30,000,000 Payday for His Fight Against Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis, Despite Being One of the Top Earners in the UFC

They say that human desire knows no bounds and UFC star Sean O’Malley proved that yet again. Being one of the top currently-active stars in the promotions, O’Malley has been earning a handsome amount for his octagon outings. However, he recently revealed some striking sentiments when talking about the payday of Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia.

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The bout between Davis and Garcia was one of the biggest boxing fights in recent history. With more than $1 million in PPV buys, both the boxers earned a fortune. Recently, boxing promoter Oscar De La Hoya revealed that Garcia made $30 million despite losing the fight. Reacting to this, O’Malley had some surprising things to say.

Sean Omalley

Sean O’Malley admits to being jealous of Ryan Garcia’s earnings

Sean O’Malley couldn’t hide his surprise, admitting that the figure did seem exorbitant. Moreover, he recalled Gervonta Davis’ recent photo flaunting $9 million in cash, leading him to question whether such massive paydays were indeed possible. Further, O’Malley acknowledged the stark contrast between boxing and UFC earnings, expressing envy at the potential earnings for a single boxing match compared to his own UFC purses.

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“It does seem like too much. I know Gervonta recently posted a picture holding $9 million cash. I don’t know, it could be! That would be insane if they are getting that big of a percentage of the PPV then maybe”, ‘Sugar’ said. “The PPV supposedly did good. I’d be jealous. I’d be like ‘Goddamn! I am not making anywhere near that!”, he added.

However, he also remained skeptical, recognizing that numbers could be manipulated to create headlines. “But yeah, boxing is just different than UFC. But I’d be curious to know if that is true or not. Because you can say anything”, O’Malley said.


Sean O’Malley’s impressive paydays in the UFC!

While $30 million are a level beyond O’Malley’s current earnings, the UFC bantamweight has been making good making according to the UFC standards. The 28-year-old has been one of UFC’s top earners recently, having made more than $1 million in fight purses.

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According to, O’Malley earned a whopping $356,000 for his win against Petr Yan at UFC 280. This is not it, as the upcoming bantamweight title challenger has earned 6 figures in 7 out of his 9 UFC matches. His very first earning from a UFC PPV was $97,500 at UFC 222.

Moreover, his biggest payday might be in front of him, as Sean O’Malley faces Aljamain Sterling at UFC 292 for the bantamweight title! How do you think that fight plays out? Let us know in the comments below.

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