How Gervonta Davis’ Domestic Violence Case Dropped; Accuser Didn’t Want to Press Charges

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Prosecutors involved in the domestic violence case against boxer Gervonta Davis have decided to drop the case after the alleged victim “ultimately did not want to press charges,” according to TMZ Sports.

Davis reportedly had been charged with misdemeanor battery after an accusation from the mother of his child that he hit her during an altercation this past December in Broward County, Florida.

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At the time of the incident, the woman reportedly told police that Davis had hit her with a “closed hand type slap,” which allegedly caused an abrasion on the inside of her lip. However, she later made a post on social media in which she walked back her allegations.

Gervonta Davis

“While the emotions were high I made an unnecessary call to law enforcement in an intense moment while I was frantic,” she wrote. “Gervonta did not harm me or our daughter.”

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Prosecutors in the case said in a statement that all parties “agreed that the defendant had to complete an anger management course and parenting class.” Upon receiving confirmation that Davis had completed the courses, the decision was made to drop the case.

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