The MYSTERIOUS Untold Truth Of Tiger Woods’ Son Charlie Woods

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Professional golfer Eldrick “Tiger” Woods has been one of the most polarizing figures in sports history. The golfer dominated on the green and became one of the most recognizable faces in sports, landing lucrative brand endorsements from Nike, Bridgestone, Rolex and many others. Once a child prodigy, Woods far exceeded already high expectations since he became a professional golfer in 1996 and, as Biography notes, “he became the youngest man and the first African American to win the U.S. Masters” just a year later.

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The golfer, who trails only Jack Nicklaus on the all-time list for the most major championship victories, told TIME in 2015 that winning tournaments was no longer his top priority. “My kids are more important to me than anything else in the world,” he noted. Tiger has two children with his ex-wife Elin Nordegren: Sam Alexis Woods and Charlie Woods. While the kids may have grown up in the shadow of their father, Charlie has been making a name for himself since 2020. Beyond the appearances of Charlie in the gallery supporting his father at golf events, he has done some remarkable things to add another chapter to the Woods family legacy. Read on to discover the untold truth about Charlie.

CHARLIE WOODS and Tiger Woods

Charlie Woods was named after his uncle

Tiger Woods and his then-wife Elin Nordegren welcomed their second child Charlie Axel Woods on Feb. 8, 2009. On Tiger’s website (via People), he said in a statement, “We had a couple names and Charlie just fit.” The golf great added that “Axel” comes from “Elin’s brother’s name.” As Tiger put it, “We wanted to make sure it stayed in the family.”

A theory emerged that the name Charlie carried significance beyond it “just fit,” given the link between the child’s first name and the late Charlie Sifford, the first Black golfer to become a PGA TOUR member when he broke the “Caucasian-only clause.” There was a personal connection, too: Sifford was a close friend of Tiger’s late father, Earl Woods, and, according to the Associated Press (via PGA Tour), Sifford referred to Tiger as his “grandson.” Likewise, Tiger felt a similar sentiment, telling the Los Angeles Times, “He’s like the Grandpa I never had.” Tiger also noted, “I probably wouldn’t be here [without Sifford]. My dad would have never have picked up the game. Who knows if the clause would still exist or not? But he broke it down.”

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Granted, Tiger hasn’t publicly linked Charlie’s name to the personal connection on his father’s side, but given the nod toward his mother’s side, it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

Charlie Woods

Charlie Woods can speak his mother’s native tongue

Charlie Woods happens to be bilingual. Elin Nordegren, Charlie’s mother, told People in 2010 that even though she was raising her kids in Florida, they would tap into their mother’s Swedish heritage.

The Swedish model told the outlet, “My children and I are both Swedish and American citizens, we speak both languages.” She also spoke of her plans at the time to take her children to Sweden often to visit their maternal relatives and “experience the culture.” In addition to teaching Charlie and his sister, Sam Woods, the Swedish tongue, Nordegren also celebrates Swedish customs with them. As early as age one-and-a-half, Charlie, along with his sister and mother, was spotted “dancing around [a] Christmas tree” to celebrate Saint Lucia’s Day, which is an annual Swedish celebration of Winter Solstice, according to People.


Well, you can take the boy out of Sweden but you can’t take the Sweden out of Charlie.

charlie woods

Soccer was Charlie Woods’ first pick

In a video that’s made the internet rounds, Charlie Woods was spotted swinging a golf club at the age of four. However, he and his older sister, Sam Woods, were hooked on a totally different sport as youngsters. In 2018, Tiger Woods told GOLF his kids were “keen into soccer.”

When the outlet asked whether or not the five-time Masters Tournament winner would urge his children to spend more time hitting the links, Tiger replied, “If they want to play golf, that’s great. If they don’t, that’s fine, too.” Charlie’s father mentioned that he enjoyed getting a chance to “pass the ball around with them” and “watching them compete and play” in games, adding, “It’s so much fun to see how happy and passionate they are about soccer.” In 2020, Tiger told Golf Digest the pandemic shifted his son’s interests. “He started getting the bug for [golf],” Tiger said, and added, “Like all kids, they go from one thing to the next … But who knows, it could switch to something else.”

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With Charlie drawing an interest in golf on his own accord, does that mean he was fated to play this sport?

charlie woods

Charlie Woods hit his first eagle early on

When Charlie Woods joined forces with his father Tiger Woods at the 2020 PNC Championship, something special happened on the green: Charlie hit a career milestone under the national spotlight.

In a clip of the tournament, one of the commentators notes that Charlie used “a 5-wood that he rips for about 175 yards.” In the same snippet, you can hear Tiger shout, “Awesome shot.” When Charlie made contact, his ball traveled with an arc to stay on the fairway and put him in putting position. After sinking the putt, his father patted him on the back as the two were all smiles when Charlie hit his first-ever eagle. Tiger told PGA Tour he was the same age as Charlie when he hit his first eagle. “I remember doing it with my dad … and it was the most perfect moment,” he recalled.

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Like father, like son, Charlie wowed the world with his golf swing when he was surrounded by cameras. Funnily enough, this was similar to how his father once impressed the public with his swing as a child on The Mike Douglas Show. Could this be a sign that Charlie is on pace to have a professional golf career on par with his father?

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